Plating and Electroforming - Essential Industries for Today and the Future (10088)

By Ron Parkinson. In North America, a large part of the operating costs in the nickel plating and electroforming industry relate to compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations. The industry has made great strides in reducing the amount of nickel-bearing wastes that it generates by implementing technologically sophisticated recycling, recovery and reuse programs. Over the years, the industry has become a role model in terms of complying with environmental regulations. Yet, the industry still has a poor environmental reputation in the eyes of the general public. This publication attempts to redress that misperception. It describes the enormous value that nickel plating and electroforming has in a wide range of applications in the computer, automotive, steel, and electronics industries and explains the benefits that cannot be achieved with any other metal. This 28-page publication briefly reviews the two processes, discusses various applications and reviews the environmental issues facing the industry. It would make a valuable resource for members of the plating community who want to convince the people with whom they come into contact with of the value of this industry.

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