Guidelines for Welded fabrication of Nickel Stainless Steels for Corrosion Resistant ServiceNickel Plating Handbook

Guidelines for the Welded Fabrication of Nickel Stainless Steels for Corrosion Resistant Service (11007)

By R. E. Avery and A.H. Tuthill, 1992. Widely specified for applications where corrosion resistance is required, stainless steels are an excellent choice for chemical, dairy, food, architectural, biotechnology equipment and similar services. This publication is presented in three sections: "For the welder," deals with the differences in welding techniques for nickel-containing stainless steels, versus conventional carbon steels; "For the materials engineer," describes various types of stainless steels and how their metallurgical and corrosion resistant characteristics are affected by welding and heat treating; and, "For the design engineer," which demonstrates how the corrosion performance of stainless steels can be enhanced by good design.

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