Copper-Nickel Welding and Fabrication 2nd Edition, February 2013

By the Nickel Institute, the Copper Development Association and the Copper Development Association Inc. - Second Edition, February 2013

Copper-nickel alloys have a remarkable combination of good resistance to both corrosion and biofouling in sea water; they have been specified for sea water use for over 50 years; and are the materials of first choice for sea water pipework and condenser service for many of the world's navies and merchant ships. They are used in desalination, power plants and offshore fire water systems, and for the sheathed protection of oil and gas platform legs and risers. In all such applications, their durability is proven.

The core of this book is welding and fabrication. General engineering properties, corrosion and biofouling resistance and applications are included only where they influence decisions on fabrication. It provides an informed understanding of the two primary copper-nickel alloys, to allow good fabrication and operation.

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