Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel Third Edition 2006 (12011)

The contents of this manual relate to an in-depth study carried out by the Steel Construction Institute on the structural application of stainless steel for onshore and offshore structures.  Expediency dictated that the project would examine three grades of material only, namely austenitic grades 304L and 316L, and a high strength austenitic-ferritic grade commonly known as Duplex 2205.

It should be emphasized that this does not however preclude the use of standard 304 and 316 grades or other austenitic grades that designers and manufactureres specify provided that the 0.2% proof strength and the ultimate strength are not lower.  In general, 'L' grades are selected for highly aggressive corrosion conditions to avoid intergranular corrosion from occurring, however since modern stainless steels contain carbon levels of 0.05% and lower, this phenomena is rarely encountered on thicknesses of material up to 16mm.

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