Transportation Industry News

Metro Line Expansion (Nickel Magazine, June 2011)
Stainless steel mesh satisfy both aesthetic and safety requirements for the expansion of the Barcelona Spain metro system.

Stainless Steel for the Long Haul (Nickel Magazine, June 2011)
Corrosion resistance combined with aesthetic appeal make stainless steel an ideal metal for the manufacture of passenger rail cars. 

Haneda Airport (Nickel Magazine, June 2011)
Nickel-containing stainless steel is used on the pier of a runway built at the mouth of the Tamagawa River in Tokyo Bay to ensure long life. 

Massive Q-Max Carriers (Nickel Magazine, July 2009)
Large scale tankers of stainless steel and iron-nickel alloys save fuel, produce fewer carbon emissions, and reduce cargo losses. 

Stainless Steel Car Frames: The Next Generation (Nickel Magazine, Dec. 2008)
Austenitic stainless steels reduce the weight of individual components by about 20 per cent. 

Building Ocean Ecosystems (Nickel Magazine, Oct. 2008)
New York City subway cars prove useful after retirement by serving as artificial reefs along the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. 

Light Flight (Nickel Magazine, Mar. 2008)
How nickel contributes to more fuel efficient aircraft such as the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A-380, and how this contributes to more efficient air transportation. 

Driving Diesel (Nickel Magazine, Jun. 2007)
How nickel alloy foam could reduce emissions and fuel consumption in diesel cars, trucks and buses. 

More Efficient Turbines (Nickel Magazine, Mar. 2007)
The evolution of gas turbines is linked to nickel alloy development.

Up from the Deep (Nickel Magazine, Mar. 2007)
Molenaar’s submarine rescue system uses S32205 stainless steel to save lives.

Safe Storage at Minus 162oC (Nickel Magazine, Dec. 2006)
LNG tanks at the Canaport terminal in New Brunswick, Canada are made of 9% nickel steel.

Farther, Faster, Safer (Nickel Magazine, May 2006)
Nickel’s role in the Airbus A380, both in the turbines and to make the composite parts.

Denver’s Switches to NiMH Batteries (Nickel Magazine, Nov. 2005)
Less maintenance and longer life than the lead acid batteries for their electric/compressed natural gas hybrid busses.

Stainless Fuel Handling Components in Demand (Nickel Magazine, Jul. 2005)
Today's internal combustion engines are increasingly being fuelled by more corrosive alternative fuels. So care-makers are turning to stainless steel to prevent leaks and corrosion

Lowering the cost of LNG Piping (Nickel Magazine, Mar. 2005)
Use of a 36%Ni iron alloy with very low rate of thermal expansion can save money for piping of LNG from the ship to a land-based terminal.

Nickel Alloy puts the Spark in Spark Plugs (Nickel Magazine, Nov. 2004)
The amount of nickel in each plug is only about a quarter of a gram, but more than 250 million plugs are made every year.

Laser Welding Eliminates Distortion (Nickel Magazine, Nov. 2004)
Laser welding is replacing conventional spot welding at a Japanese rail car manufacturer.

A Superalloy Solution (Nickel Magazine, Nov. 2004)
NASA’s fix for the space shuttle involves a nickel-based superalloy.