Wind, Wave, Tidal & Hydro Power Generation

Thee forms of power generation are attracting a lot of attention because they are genuinely renewable sources of energy.  Wind power is expanding rapidly, both on- and offshore.  Nickel’s contribution onshore is mainly in the gearing and generator components.  However, offshore there are more opportunities for stainless steels because of the corrosive marine environment.  Copper-nickel alloys can also offer fouling and corrosion protection in the splash zone.

Although tidal power has been used in a few places for many years, new systems are being developed.  It faces the same marine corrosion and fouling environment as the emerging wave power systems do.  Valuable experience of the performance of materials obtained in the offshore oil and gas industries can be used. 

Hydroelectric installations use turbines to harness the power of the water.  These can utilise nickel-containing alloys for both erosion and corrosion resistance to ensure that the plant has a long life.

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Technical Literature

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