Fabrication Industry News

Illuminating Wear with EN Coatings (Nickel Magazine, Dec. 2009)
A new type of electroless nickel coating, that can be made to glow in the dark, is finding a market among manufacturers who need to know when a coating is wearing off, either to prevent damage to the underlying part or to ensure consistency of the resulting product.

Olympic Coverage (Nickel Magazine, June 2010)
Twin domes using nickel-containing stainless steel for structural elements are the place to meet at the Vancouver Olympics.

A Touch of Class (Nickel Magazine, June 2010)
Brushed nickel sheet brings elegance and warmth to Champagne bar in the west end of London.

In the Beginning… (Nickel Magazine, July 2009)
Two high alloy stainless steels are able to withstand the extreme conditions in the Large Hadron Collider. 

Combining Aesthetics, Function and Sustainability (Nickel Magazine, July 2009)
Stainless steel bridges add beauty to Italian locations. 

A Step Up in Stainless Design (Nickel Magazine, Oct. 2008)
Stainless steel adds strength and aesthetic appeal to a hanging staircase. 

Withstanding the Test of Time (Nickel Magazine, Oct. 2008)
Life-cycle costing analysis rates stainless steel over other alternatives for street furniture and other outdoor applications.

Cladding Pipe Proves to be Cost-Effective (Nickel Magazine, Mar. 2008)
Stainless steel weld overly on carbon steel pipe and fittings can be cost-effective. 

Structural Stainless (Nickel Magazine, Sept. 2007)
The East Conservatory at Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens gets a new lease on life thanks to a corrosion-resistant structure.

Up from the Deep (Nickel Magazine, Mar. 2007)
Molenaar’s submarine rescue system uses S32205 stainless steel to save lives.

Safe Storage at Minus 162oC (Nickel Magazine, Dec. 2006)
LNG tanks at the Canaport terminal in New Brunswick, Canada are made of 9% nickel steel.