Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Petrochemical Industry News

Clean and Efficient Drug Manufacturing (Nickel Magazine, Nov. 2010)
Higher alloyed stainless steels and nickel alloys can offer greater flexibility and safety to the pharmaceutical industry

Illuminating Wear with EN coatings (Nickel Magazine, Dec. 2009)
A new type of electroless nickel coating, that can be made to glow in the dark, is finding a market among manufacturers who need to know when a coating is wearing off, either to prevent damage to the underlying part or to ensure consistency of the resulting product.

Ethanol’s Evolution (Nickel Magazine, July 2009)
Expansion of the ethanol industry means higher demand for nickel-containing stainless steel

Massive Q-max Carriers (Nickel Magazine, July 2009)
Large scale tankers of stainless steel and iron-nickel alloys save fuel, produce fewer carbon emissions, and reduce cargo losses. 

One Material, Multiple Purposes (Nickel Magazine, June 2008)
One supplier of feed delivery systems for specialty chemicals specifies nickel-containing stainless steels for the range of chemicals it supplies.

Pure Filtering (Nickel Magazine, Dec. 2007)
Durable stainless steel screens stand up to abrasion and sanitization.

Oil Patch Performance (Nickel Magazine, Dec. 2007)
Nickel-containing materials are proven, reliable performers in the oil and gas industry.

Coming Clean (Nickel Magazine, Dec. 2007)
Nickel catalysts are the key to producing better surfactants for detergents.

Safe Storage at Minus 162oC (Nickel Magazine, Dec. 2006)
LNG tanks at the Canaport terminal in New Brunswick, Canada are made of 9% nickel steel.

Innovation Pharmaceutical (Nickel Magazine, Dec. 2006)
A nickel catalyst could prove to be a key breakthrough for developing less expensive drugs.

High Nickel Alloy Key to Effectiveness of Filter-Dryers (Nickel Magazine, Mar. 2006)
Nickel alloy N06022 keeps pharmaceutical products pure in the filter-dryer.