Nickel in the Automotive Industry

Nickel-containing materials are used in automobiles, trucks, and buses in the form of stainless steels, nickel alloys, nickel-plating and various nickel chemicals. For information on nickel use in this sector, see Applications. For cargo carrying trucks, see Transportation.

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Recycling of Nickel

At the end of the useful life of an automobile, nickel-containing parts are fully recyclable into new stainless steel, nickel alloys and other starting materials. To learn more about this check out Recycling Nickel in Autos.

Greener Transportation

Nickel's Role in More Sustainable Transportation

Nickel containing products are critical to meeting requirements for energy-efficient, low-emission, durable and attractive automobiles. They make an important contribution to sustainable transportation.

Automotive Substances of Concern

Many automobile manufacturers have developed lists of material which must be reported, restricted or prohibited entirely. Nickel, in the metallic and alloy forms, is generally not restricted but its use may have to be reported. Read about these concerns.

Technical Literature

Ni-Resist and Ductile Ni-Resist Alloys, NI Publication 11018
The Ni-Resist cast irons are a family of alloys with sufficient nickel to produce an austenitic structure which has unique and superior properties.

Nickel Plating and Electroforming: Essential Industries for Today and Tomorrow, NI Publication 10086
A wide range of applications are shown and benefits afforded by nickel electroplating, electroforming and electroless nickel.

Fresh Approaches to Mold Steel Selection, NI Publication 10062
Alloy selection has often been overlooked by molders, fabricators, extruders and even mold makers themselves.