Stainless steel leads a stellar luxury development

May 24, 2018


520 West 28th has transformed the architectural landscape in New York’s West Chelsea with its striking glass and nickel-containing stainless steel façade.

The 11-storey, luxury residential building was designed by the late British-Iraqi and Pritzker Prize winning architect, Zaha Hadid, known for her abstract and circular form designs.

Located along High Line Park, the surrounding urban landscape was the main inspiration for the building’s design. Unique to this L-shaped development is the split-level configuration and the façade’s curves.

The Type 304 (UNS 30400) stainless steel features a blackened finish achieved by an antiquing process, light orbital brushing and hand tinting.
The panels were engineered, cut, welded and installed by Philadelphia-based fabrication group, M. Cohen and Sons. Over 350,000 man hours were invested to produce these and bring the architect’s vision to life.

Stainless steel’s functionality and durability provide a long-lasting solution. Its aesthetic appeal made it the material of choice to create the striking visual impact. In addition, stainless steel was specified to adapt it to its historically industrial Chelsea neighbourhood.

The building offers 39 loft-like units with amenities such as automated-valet car parking, a 23 metre sky lit swimming pool and New York city’s only private IMAX theatre.

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