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Improving lives

December 19, 2017

Nickel in healthcare




Nickel alloys pacemakers

With an aging population, demand is stronger than ever for pacemakers and defibrillators. With increased usage of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), it is important that permanent implants are made from non-magnetic materials, such as UNS R 30035.


Neuron-reading nanowires

A breakthrough in nanowire technology is enabling researchers to dig deeper into the science of how the brain works, and help identify the most effective drugs for neurological diseases.


Better fit for implants

You may recall the hit American TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man” that ran for five seasons in the mid-1970s. The show featured an astronaut—Colonel Steve Austin—who had been badly injured in a crash. Doctors decided to rebuild him “better…stronger…faster.” It was science fiction then...


Medical instruments

It’s a fast-growing sector fueling innovation and refinement of stainless steel alloy applications around the world. The global surgical instruments and equipment market is expected to double within the next decade. And nickel-containing materials are playing an important role.


Endobronchial valves

Many patients around the world are breathing more comfortably with the help of a tiny nickel-containing valve implant that works much like those easy-squeeze ketchup bottle tops.



As a metal alloy composed of nickel and titanium in approximately equal atomic percentages, Nitinol exhibits the unique properties of super-elasticity and shape memory effect.

improving lives

Nickel-containing medical materials

Continued advancements in medical technologies are prolonging lives all over the world. The development of new uses of metals and alloys in internal and external medical applications has stimulated the progress being made.

In Focus


Believe your ears

If you have ever been self-conscious about your ears “sticking out”, you will be especially happy to learn that there is now an easier, less invasive way to reposition them, thanks to the unique properties of a lightweight metal alloy called Nitinol,a super-elastic material made from nickel and titanium.


Nickel in healthcare

Because of their properties, nickel-containing materials, including stainless steels, are widely employed in the medical sector. And their effectiveness has a long history...

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In Use


Light on the land

The Taranaki region of New Zealand is ascending in the stainless steel world with the recent unveiling of a public sculpture, Light on the Land.


Case Study 11

The Queensway Tunnel is a road tunnel in the north west of England. When construction was completed in 1934, it was the longest underwater tunnel in the world at 3.24 kilometres. In 2011, after 77 years of service, an 11-month refurbishment of the tunnel began.

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