NOW AVAILABLE : report from the NACD Workshop
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NOW AVAILABLE : report from the NACD Workshop

On 27 June, the Nickel Institute hosted its third stakeholder workshop on nickel allergy. The event "Nickel allergy and the EU nickel restriction – articles in direct and prolonged contact with the skin: state of play and challenges ahead" brought together dermatologists, regulators, testing and standardisation experts as well as industry, to discuss the latest EU activities on the implementation of the nickel restriction in “articles in prolonged and direct skin contact”.

NACD2017  The aim of the workshop was:

- To provide an update on the latest EU activities relevant to the implementation of the nickel restriction: draft ECHA Guidelines on “prolonged skin contact”, ongoing sources of nickel allergy, testing developments, etc.
- To openly discuss with stakeholders their practical experiences, challenges, concerns and expectations vis-à-vis the implementation of the EU nickel restriction, current developments and potential implications;
- To better understand existing science relevant to the nickel restriction and review additional scientific information relevant to nickel dermatitis;
- To inform stakeholders on the results of the Nickel Institute’s scientific research project on “prolonged skin contact”.

Download the report or read it online

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