Nickel Institute appoints Steven Verpaele as Industrial Hygienist
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Nickel Institute appoints Steven Verpaele as Industrial Hygienist

The Nickel Institute has appointed Steven Verpaele as Industrial Hygienist, as part of the NI's Health & Environment Public Policy team, based in Brussels. Steven is an occupational hygienist and joins Nickel Institute from MESURA EDPBW where he has had over ten years' experience in executing and managing industrial hygiene projects for a variety of companies and sectors.

Steven will be highly engaged in the regulatory discussions around workplace regulation, including feasibility and cost-benefit considerations in the development of occupational exposure limits. He will also provide advice and input on appropriate worker protection and methods to measure workplace exposure, as well as exposure scenarios under REACH.

Dr. Veronique Steukers, Director Health & Environment Public Policy, Nickel Institute, said: "Steven brings to the Nickel Institute expertise in industrial hygiene. This appointment will enhance the Nickel Institute's capabilities and knowledge with regards to exposure and protection at the workplace, and further increases our ability to provide robust advice and input in technical and regulatory discussions in this area".