NACD stakeholder workshop

25 June 2015

Over recent years, there have been a number of developments relevant to the implementation of the EU Nickel restriction in articles “intended to come into prolonged and direct contact with the skin”. These developments include revision of the EN 1811 standard on nickel release testing, new ECHA guidance on how to interpret the concept of “prolonged skin contact” and ongoing development of a list of articles to be considered within the scope of the restriction.

In light of these developments and the potential significant implications for the articles covered (e.g. market access, compliance), the sectors affected and enforcement, the Nickel Institute and its science branch, NiPERA (Nickel Producers Environmental Research Association) organized a stakeholders’ workshop to discuss the following topics: achievements and challenges ahead in the implementation of the EU nickel restriction, the issue of “articles intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin” and associated ongoing EU activities.

 The workshop provided a timely opportunity for interested parties to share their views and experiences as well as their concerns and expectations vis-à-vis the implementation of the Nickel restriction, ongoing EU activities, and potential implications of the EU regulatory actions.

The objective of the event was :

  • To provide an update on the latest EU activities relevant to the implementation of the Nickel restriction: new ECHA definition of “prolonged skin contact”; development of new Guideline, etc.
  • To openly discuss with stakeholders their practical experiences, challenges, concerns and expectations vis-à-vis the implementation of the Nickel REACH restriction, current developments and potential implications;
  • To inform stakeholders on the the Nickel Institute’s new scientific research project


Program and Presentations:

1. Welcome and introduction, by Nickel Institute and NiPERA
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2. From the Nickel Directive to the REACH restriction, by Mr. E. Garcia-John, DG GROW, European Commission
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3. Properties and uses of Nickel: an overview, by Dr. P. Cutler, Consultant to Nickel Institute
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4. Nickel sensitization process, data overview and research, by Dr. K. Heim, Regulatory Toxicologist, NiPERA
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5. Dermatology clinic perspective, by Dr. Prof. J.P. Thyssen, Gentofte University Hospital, Denmark
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6. Market perspective
by Mr. D. Manchanda, Birmingham Assay Office, UK, The World Jewellery Confederation,
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by Mrs. S. Müller, HAZET-WERK, German Association Tool Manufacturing Industry 
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7. Implementation and enforcement, by Dr. H. Thierse, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Germany
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8. The perspective of standardisation and testing experts
by Mr. M. Baker, Convenor, CEN Technical Committee 347 “Methods for analysis of allergens”, WG 1 “Metals”
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by Dr. A. Wennemer, TÜV Rheinland, Germany
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