The Resistance of Stainless Steel, Partly Embedded in Concrete, to Corrosion by Seawater (10022)

Reprinted from Magazine of Concrete Research, Mar 1988. Corrosion resistance of AISI 316 stainless steel- partly embedded in concrete, partly exposed to stagnant seawater, and partly exposed to seawater- has been determined over periods up to a dozen years. Exposure tests were carried out, in full immersion and tidal conditions, on specially designed concrete blocks. Mild steel specimens were also tested for comparison. Corrosion of exposed stainless steel was localized, not extensive, and affected neither the strength nor ductility of the specimens. Contrary to expectation, crevice corrosion occurred on only one of the 42 test specimens, and only after 12.5 years total immersion. It is considered that the alkalinity of the concrete was responsible for minimizing corrosion on both embedded and external areas of stainless steel.

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