Selection and Performatce of Stainless Steel and other Nickel-Bearing Alloys in Sulphuric Acid (10057)

By C.M. Schillmoller, Dec 1990. Sulphuric acid counts among the most important industrial chemicals. Although highly corrosive, concentrated sulphuric acid at ambient temperatures is customarily handled in carbon steel equipment. The aggressiveness of the acid varies with its concentration and temperature, with its velocity relative to exposed surfaces, and with the nature of possible contaminants. Examined are the behaviour of several stainless steel and nickel-bearing alloy compositions, taking account of the variables enumerated. Beginning with alloys suitable for equipment used in the manufacture of sulphuric acid and in the storage and handling of cold, concentrated commercially-pure acid, the text presents guidelines for the selection of corrosion-resisting materials, including typical applications that involve dilute, intermediate and strong acid.

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