Flue Gas Desulphurization in Europe (10025)

By W.H.D. Plant, presented at Air Pollution Seminar, Buffalo, NY, U.S.A., Oct 1987. Flue gas desulphurization is considered to provide a significant contribution toward the avoidance of the problems associated with the formation of acid rain. Policies for alleviating acid-rain which have become a major public issue in Europe and Scandinavia, commanding high-level government attention-favor programs of reduction of emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides enforced by the imposition of emission limits for large combustion plants. It is established that, with appropriate selection and application, the nickel materials are providing cost-effective solutions to corrosion problems in FGD equipment, ensuring low maintenance costs with high availability of equipment over the extended life of the equipment-as demanded by conventional power station practice in Europe and North America.

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