Guidelines for the Welded Fabrication of Nickel Alloys for Corrosion-Resistant Service (11012)

By Richard E. Avery and Arthur H. Tuthill, 1994. This publication is presented in three parts with each, in turn, focused toward the primary interests of the welder, the materials engineer, and the design engineer. Part I, FOR THE WELDER, assumes that the weld-ers and others involved in welded fabrication are familiar with the basic techniques used in carbon steel fabrication and have had limited experience with nickel alloys. Part II, FOR THE MATERIALS ENGINEER, describes the types of nickel alloys; it reviews how their metallurgical and corrosion characteristics are affected by welding and covers some of the more specialized aspects of fabrication such as heat treating. Part III, FOR THE DESIGN ENGINEER, provides a number of design examples showing how the corrosion performance of nickel alloys used in process tanks can be enhanced through thoughtful design.

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