Case Study - Nuclear Service Water Piping

Nuclear Service Water Piping - Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant (15002)

Coastal nuclear power plants, which use brackish and often polluted water in their service water systems, face one of the most demanding service environments in the industry. The Swedish utility OKG AKTIEBOLAG has this operation environment at their Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant in Figeholm, Sweden. The brackish, polluted Baltic Sea water used in the service water system caused extensive corrosion of the original system materials. Material replacement, testing, and evaluation have been on-going since 1978 giving OKG some of the most extensive operating experience with 6 Mo austenitic stainless steels, titanium and other high performance replacement materials of any nuclear power plant in the world. This case study will review the problems experienced with original system materials; replacement materials evaluation programs; and actual performance of the alloys in service; therefore, providing valuable insight for utilities with equally severe operating environments.

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