Medical Applications News

Shielding for Safety (Nickel Magazine, Nov. 2010)
Whether in hospitals, clinics or your private home, shielding of medical equipment from electromagnetic waves is critical for the proper functioning of these devices.   

Sharp End (Nickel Magazine, Nov. 2010)
Nickel-containing stainless steels make the hypodermic needle a life-saver.   

Rx: Stainless (Nickel Magazine, Nov. 2010)
Nickel-containing stainless steels are a vital component in both implants and medical instruments. 

Life Saver (Nickel Magazine, Nov. 2010)
With allergic reactions, especially with children, on the rise, the EpiPen® with a nickel-containing stainless steel needle is a real lifesaver for many families.

Foam that Remembers (Nickel Magazine, Mar. 2008)
A shape-memory nickel-manganese-gallium foam holds promise for both micro-devices used in both electronic and medical areas.