Technical Literature

Specific Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods Publications

  • 10046  Cleanability in relation to bacterial retention on unused and abraded domestic sink materials
  • 10065  Application of impressed current cathodic protection to stainless steel hot-water storage tanks
  • 10069  Effect of wiping and spray wash temperature on bacterial retention of abraded domestic sink surface
  • 10079  Effectiveness of sanitation with quaternary ammonium compound or chlorine on stainless steel and other domestic food-preparation surfaces
  • 10080  Cleaning stainless steel surfaces prior to sanitary service
  • 14008  Sinks of stainless clean best, beat bacteria
  • 14030  Water tank built to last 60 years
  • 14033  Systemic nickel: the contribution made by stainless steel cooking utensils
  • 14039  Purity of food cooked in stainless steel utensils

General Stainless Steel Properties and Fabrication

  • 14056  Stainless steels: an introduction to their metallurgy and corrosion resistance
  • 2978  Austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steels at ambient temperatures – mechanical and physical properties
  • 11021  High-performance stainless steels
  • 10064  Engineering with Clad Steel 2nd Edition
  • 11022  Castings – stainless steel and nickel-base
  • 9014  Design guidelines for the selection and use of stainless steels
  • 14038  Stainless steels for chemical process equipment
  • 9006  Review of the wear and galling characteristics of stainless steels
  • 11007  Guidelines for the welded fabrication of nickel-containing stainless steels for corrosion-resistant services
  • 14018  Guidelines for welding dissimilar metals
  • 14036  Welding duplex and super-duplex stainless steel
  • 14040  Fabrication techniques for successful orbital tube welding
  • 14050  Heat tints on stainless steels can cause corrosion problems
  • 10004  Fabrication and post-fabrication cleanup of stainless steels
  • 10068  Specifying stainless steel surface treatments