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Neuron-reading nanowires

Accelerating the development of drugs for neurological diseases

December 2017


    A better fit for implants

    Nickel in the future of medical 3D printing

    December 2017


      Trends in medical instruments

      How stainless steel is meeting the surge for advancements in surgical instruments

      December 2017


        Endobronchial valves working wonders

        Putting the squeeze on respiratory disease

        December 2017



          The shape of things to come

          December 2017

            improving lives

            Nickel-containing medical materials

            Improving lives

            December 2017


              It is actually rocket science

              3D printing and nickel move us closer to space


                Nickel-containing marine scrubbers on board

                Helping to protect our oceans


                  Maintenance free, safer, greener...

                  Boats ready to make waves!

                    Battery recycling

                    Battery recycling in a buzzing industry

                    The worldwide battery ramps up with deman

                    May 2017

                      low carbon grid

                      More power to the low carbon global grid

                      The market for batteries to support global power grids is set to surge

                      May 2017

                        Batteries past


                        Good today and far better tomorrow

                        May 2017

                          Raising the standards

                          How nickel-containing stainless steel make food safer

                          December 2016


                            Carrot topping

                            December 2016


                              Miling Stainless

                              The role of nickel-containing stainless steel in milk production

                              December 2016


                                From vine to vat

                                Stainless Steel helps make wine finer

                                December 2016


                                  From seawater to drinking water

                                  How nickel-containing alloys play a role in the global solution

                                  August 2016


                                    Running Water

                                    Water authorities tackle water shortages with nickel-containing stainless steel

                                    August 2016


                                      La Sagrada Familia

                                      Stainless steel selected for Gaudi's masterpiece

                                      April 2016


                                        Stainless steel takes the strain

                                        The role of nickel-containing stainless steel in load-bearing applications

                                        April 2016


                                          Longer lifetimes for major bridges

                                          Marginally higher initial costs for stainless steel results in much lower life cycle cost

                                          April 2016


                                            A solid solution to crumbling infrastructure

                                            Corrosion-resistant stainless steel rebar

                                            April 2016

                                              Len Lye Centre

                                              Len Lye Centre

                                              Stainless steel gallery shines a light

                                              December 2015

                                                Costume jewellery

                                                The benefits without the itch

                                                Preventing nickel release from consumer products

                                                December 2015

                                                  Pic: Royal Canadian Mint

                                                  In the money

                                                  The continuing role of nickel in coinage

                                                  December 2015


                                                    Great Leaps forward

                                                    Nickel use supporting development

                                                    August 2015


                                                      Buildings and structures in Stainless Steel

                                                      Nickel charts the progress

                                                      August 2015


                                                        Decades of past and future service

                                                        Nickel in batteries remains essential

                                                        August 2015


                                                          Hotter, higher, cleaner

                                                          More efficiency from coal-fired power plants with nickel alloys

                                                          April 2015


                                                            Full circle carbon

                                                            Nickel allows coal-fired power generator to reduce carbon emissions by 90%

                                                            April 2015


                                                              Hot rocks

                                                              Geothermal energy and the role of nickel

                                                              April 2015


                                                                Enduring Nuclear

                                                                zero carbon emissions enabled by nickel

                                                                April 2015


                                                                  Getting Around:

                                                                  Modernizing urban mass transit travel

                                                                  December 2014


                                                                    Reliable Routes

                                                                    Nickel protects investments in infrastructure

                                                                    December 2014


                                                                      Driving to lower carbon living

                                                                      Elon Musk and his electric car

                                                                      July 2014


                                                                        Electroplating and Nanotechnology

                                                                        Less material, more strengh

                                                                        July 2014


                                                                          3D Printing

                                                                          Bringing opportunities across the board

                                                                          July 2014

                                                                            Today's use, tomorrow's resource

                                                                            bringing knowledge to the "future resources" debate

                                                                            March 2014


                                                                              Pier review

                                                                              The difference stainless steel makes

                                                                              March 2014


                                                                                Full circle

                                                                                How nickel comes back to serve

                                                                                March 2014


                                                                                  Life of Ni

                                                                                  A special feature on the life cycle of nickel

                                                                                  March 2014

                                                                                    Emerging Battery Technologies

                                                                                    Future Power

                                                                                    Breaking the paradigm

                                                                                    June 2013

                                                                                      Nickel in lithium-ion batteries


                                                                                      Nickel plays key role in new lithium-ion batteries

                                                                                      June 2013

                                                                                        BioteQ water treatment

                                                                                        BioteQ: Mining Nickel from Waste

                                                                                        Shrinking the ecological footprint of wastewater treatment

                                                                                        June 2013


                                                                                          Ready to serve

                                                                                          The 300 series ensures safety and product quality in China's beverage packaging plants

                                                                                          October 2013


                                                                                            Best for Brewing

                                                                                            For strict hygiene and maintenance, nickel-containing stainless steel is the material of choice

                                                                                            October 2013

                                                                                              Automotive coatings

                                                                                              Driving nickel

                                                                                              Enabling more durable, efficient and “greener” transportation

                                                                                              March 2013

                                                                                                p4_New Zealand milk train

                                                                                                Tanks of refreshment

                                                                                                Volume transport of clean, healthy essentails of life

                                                                                                October 2013

                                                                                                  Chinese Electroplating parks

                                                                                                  Electroplating parks in China

                                                                                                  A strong current for growth

                                                                                                  March 2013

                                                                                                    Stainless Steel Risers

                                                                                                    Bury and Forget

                                                                                                    Toronto goes for nickel-containing stainless stel for water main risers

                                                                                                    November 2012

                                                                                                      Sustainable Transportation

                                                                                                      Stainless Express

                                                                                                      Bringing Sustainable Transport to Urban Life

                                                                                                        Nickel Everyday

                                                                                                        Home Is Where The Nickel Is

                                                                                                        How nickel helps support comfortable living

                                                                                                          Dairy in China

                                                                                                          Dairy in China

                                                                                                          Nickel-containing stainless steels benefit China's dairy industry

                                                                                                            Zefiro 250

                                                                                                            Stainless for the long haul

                                                                                                            Alway cost effective even as design and speed evolve

                                                                                                            June 2011


                                                                                                              Haneda Airport "D" Runway

                                                                                                              Nickel-containing alloys enable 100 year design life at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

                                                                                                              June 2011

                                                                                                                Poly Plaza

                                                                                                                Holding Up The Curtain

                                                                                                                China Poly building's stainless steel cable-net wall

                                                                                                                December 2009

                                                                                                                  Australia and Germany

                                                                                                                  A Tale of Two Economies: Australia and Germany

                                                                                                                  Understanding the different roles of nickel

                                                                                                                  December 2009

                                                                                                                    Stainless Implant

                                                                                                                    Rx: Stainless

                                                                                                                    Nickel-containing stainless steels are a vital component for medical excellence

                                                                                                                    November 2010

                                                                                                                      EMI Shielding

                                                                                                                      Shielding for Safety

                                                                                                                      Nickel is the conductive material of choice in the design of electromagnetic shielding systems in the health care industry

                                                                                                                      November 2010