Nickel Magazine

Volume 28-2: The Innovation Issue

June 24, 2013


In Focus

BASF NCM Li-ion Cathode material at 2200x


We have been celebrating stainless steel for the past year and the last chapter on the first 100 years of stainless steel appears on the page opposite. It’s time now to consider some of the ways society will likely be using nickel in the next hundred years.

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In Use

Roadside sound barriers

Roadside sound barriers

Excess noise is a common problem of modern, industrial life, and few places are noisier than highways. Fortunately nickel-containing stainless steel is starting to be used in a number of highway noise reduction systems.



It was a scientific challenge which might have been termed “Mission Impossible”: build a superconducting wire long enough, flexible enough, and sufficiently affordable for use in commercial applications.

Elwood Haynes

The History of Stainless Steel—Part 4

We've looked at the early development of stainless steels in Europe, but metallurgists in the United States were also working on experimental chromium-alloyed steels. Among them was Elwood Haynes, whose main interest was to improve his automobiles.

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In Science

Carbon capture and sea urchins

Carbon capture and sea urchins

Researchers at the University of Newcastle in the UK may have stumbled upon a way of capturing CO2 gas using nickel nanoparticles as a catalyst. While investigating sea urchin embryos as toxicology markers, Gaurav Bhaduri and Lidija Šiller of the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials noticed there was a correlation between nickel ions and calcium carbonate on the urchin’s exoskeleton.

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