Home Is Where The Nickel Is

How nickel helps support comfortable living

Dean Jobb -

Nickel Everyday

Take a quick look around any home and you’re sure to see plenty of examples of products made from stainless steel and other nickel alloys.

They gleam on the exterior panels of kitchen appliances, bring  polished brightness to sinks and faucets, and add cleanliness and durability to the pots and pans, flatware and utensils tucked away in drawers and cabinets. Take a closer look and you’ll find stainless inside the dishwasher, in the drum of the clothes dryer, and even hard at work on the patio, protecting the gas barbeque from the elements.

But these are only the most obvious applications of nickel alloys in the consumer goods we use every day – and they barely scratch the shiny surface of the way nickel-containing materials are used in today’s homes.

Current Issue

Nickel and sustainability

Towards a circular economy

August 30, 2018


Feature Story:
A catalyst for sustainable operations
Nickel-containing catalysts are widely used in the refining and petrochemical industries worldwide. At end-of-life, catalysts are either sent to landfill or sent for recycling to recover the valuable metals they contain. Refineries in Kuwait are changing the way they handle spent catalysts.