Life Saver

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel needles in epinephrine injection pens remain sterile until needed

Thom Loree - November 30, 2010


The emergency injection of a drug to counter severe allergic reactions provides one example of a lifesaving application of hypodermic needles. The EpiPenĀ®, invented in the mid-1970s, uses a sterile needle made of nickel-containing stainless steel.

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Nickel and sustainability

Towards a circular economy

August 30, 2018


Feature Story:
A catalyst for sustainable operations
Nickel-containing catalysts are widely used in the refining and petrochemical industries worldwide. At end-of-life, catalysts are either sent to landfill or sent for recycling to recover the valuable metals they contain. Refineries in Kuwait are changing the way they handle spent catalysts.