Nickel Magazine

Volume 25-2: Sterile, Stable, Safe Stainless Steel

November 30, 2010


In Focus

Medical Syringes

Unseen and Unnoticed

The last thing anyone thinks about when they or someone close to them is in need of medical attention is the role nickel plays in protecting them or helping them back to health. But nickel is there, sometimes unseen and usually unnoticed.

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In Use



Corrosion-resistant stainless steel needles in epinephrine injection pens remain sterile until needed


Hypodermic Needles

Nickel-containing stainless steels make the hypodermic needle a life-saver

Vinyl Record

Vinyl Revival

Nickel plays an essential role on both sides of the ongoing analogue-digital debate

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Knowing Nickel


Nickel (II) Sulphate

NiSO4 - a mainstay of the nickel plating industry

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Current Issue

Nickel and sustainability

Towards a circular economy

August 30, 2018


Feature Story:
A catalyst for sustainable operations
Nickel-containing catalysts are widely used in the refining and petrochemical industries worldwide. At end-of-life, catalysts are either sent to landfill or sent for recycling to recover the valuable metals they contain. Refineries in Kuwait are changing the way they handle spent catalysts.