'Mining' Stainless Steel

Exploring the Essential Role of Stainless Steel Scrap

B.A. McKean - June 01, 2010


Stainless steel is first a product; and, after a useful life, often measured in decades, it becomes a resource. This is true of all types of stainless steels but especially the nickel-containing grades which make up 55-60% of all stainless steel.

It is wrong to think of end-of-life stainless steel as “only” scrap. The best way to make new nickel-containing stainless steel product – product that is cost-effective, environmentally safe and energy-efficient – is to start with nickel-containing stainless steel. That means scrap stainless steel is the first and best “resource” for steelmakers.

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Nickel and sustainability

Towards a circular economy

August 30, 2018


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A catalyst for sustainable operations
Nickel-containing catalysts are widely used in the refining and petrochemical industries worldwide. At end-of-life, catalysts are either sent to landfill or sent for recycling to recover the valuable metals they contain. Refineries in Kuwait are changing the way they handle spent catalysts.