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Volume 31-3

December 14, 2016

From Farm to Fork


In Focus


From Farm to Fork

Food supply and food safety are very much current issues across the globe. According to the World Health Organisation, one in ten people fall ill each year from eating contaminated food and 420 thousand people die each year as a result, with young children at particularly high risk. These statistics urged the WHO to dedicate World Health Day in 2015 to “Food safety: from farm to plate, make food safe”.

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In Use


Cutlery King

Have you ever stopped to think about the design and craftsmanship that goes into the most familiar of domestic utensils—the knives, forks and spoons that are part of daily life? David Mellor (1930-2009), one of the best known 20th century British designers built his reputation on beautiful and functional cutlery which are now modern design classics.


Distilling Bourbon

In the middle of a cornfield, near a small town in Kentucky, an innovative, state-of-the-art bourbon distillery is set to open its doors. Situated on 40 hectares, the 3460 square metre facility is being erected at a cost of US $25 million. When it starts production it will have a 5.7 million litre capacity with the ability to easily expand to 22.7 million litres without disrupting the current design. It will be the largest new distillery in America.

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In Brief


3D printing

3D printing, corrosion-resistance, inks, nanoparticles, cluster, innovation, innovative technology,sensors, oxidation,

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