Japan - Hazardous Materials

Guidelines in Japan for labeling hazardous substances, preparing MSDSs and training workers which conform with the ILO Report on Safety in the Use of Chemicals at Work (1990) became effective in 1993. MSDSs became popular after the introduction of Product Liability Law in 1996. With the amendment of the Air Pollution Control Law in 1997, nickel compounds are listed in the priority list as potential hazardous air pollutants by the National Environmental Consultation Committee and the producers of nickel compounds are now requested to release hazard information to their users by providing MSDSs on their nickel containing products. In March, 1997, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government introduced the rule to reduce the emissions of hazardous chemical substances (including nickel metal and its compounds) to the environment. The producers of these substances in Tokyo are required to provide MSDSs to protect their customer’s workers.